We are happy to announce the development of our new website here at www.themek.com. We look forward to adding additional content and further developing the site, it is a steppingstone to our future development.

One of the key things that we wish to offer through our site is support for all of our applications on iOS and on android platforms. Eventually we will support other platforms as well but we are creating our foundation at the moment.

Please take a moment and browse the site, and take a second to share it on Facebook or Twitter. We are still growing and it will take time, however when we blossom into our intended design we will be very excited.
Indeed some of the software technology that we use in development will be a great change to the current software industry. We intend to leverage as much technology as possible to deliver the most interesting experiences available.

As the trend continues to shift from computers and desktops to tablets and mobile phones, especially on a global level, our goal is to be at the forefront of digital gaming in the handheld market.

Please join us for the journey as we create and develop new games. If you would like to donate your old device visit our recycle page. Questions or comments, don’t hesitate to visit our contact page. We look forward to further updates very soon for our project.

Take a moment to see our site on a mobile or tablet device if you have not already. We have made an effort to select Web technology that will enable us to support devices of all resolutions and platforms.

Until then…

Yours Truly,

~Themek Studios